Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost Passes $50 Million Grossed

Roughly two and a half months after its release, Nintendo’s fourth foray into mobile games in collaboration with developer Cygames, via Dragalia Lost, has grossed more than fifty million dollars in revenue, according to Sensor Tower‘s latest statistics. Available in both Asia and North America regions — though sadly there’s still no news on a possible release for either Europe or the UK — Dragalia Lost centers on the fictional kingdom of Alberia whereby royal members (and thus, players) are granted the ability to form a pact with a dragon, and in doing so, allows them to transform and use abilities during battle.

Dragalia Lost follows Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in Nintendo’s growing list of titles for iOS and Android devices and while it’s closing in on Super Mario Run’s total life-time revenue of around $60 million, Fire Emblem Heroes remains the more successful commercial launch, having generated roughly $76 million within the same period of time.