Nippon Ichi Unveil Roguelike Survival-Adventure Monster Menu

Nippon Ichi have themselves today unveiled a new strategy RPG IP to Western audiences, in the form of Monster Menu: The Scavenger’s Cookbook. The studio perhaps best known for the Disgaea series — of which itself has already been confirmed to be getting its seventh mainline entry, following last year’s sixth entry — finds its dungeon-crawling experience turning towards more culinary antics this time.

In fact, food plays multiple roles when it comes to traversing Monster Munch’s more roguelike-fashioned dungeons this time. For not only can players use food acquired from defeating foes, as a means to heal and provide temporary buffs to one’s party, players must also decide if using them to attack during battle, improve stats in-between, or even offering them to foes (Shin Megami Tensei-style) in an attempt to get better items, is a risk worth taking. Monster Munch releases on both PS4 and Switch sometime in Spring of next year.

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