No Code’s Observation is Exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC

Perhaps you can forgive No Code and Devolver Digital for missing a key bit of detail yesterday when it came to confirming the release date of the former’s upcoming (and anticipated certainly around these parts) title, Observation. What with the release date revealed as part of the debutant PlayStation State of Play broadcast, no doubt the focus was on the game’s accompanying release on Sony’s platform alongside its PC equivalent. However, less than twenty four hours later, both developer and publisher alike have confirmed that Observation is the latest upcoming release to be tied exclusively to the Epic Games Store on PC.

“Our partnerships with Epic, PlayStation, and Devolver are for the goal of finding an audience for Observation,” No Code explained, taking to Twitter shortly after the news broke. “…and ensuring our studio can make games and tell stories the way we love.” While it was never confirmed for any other marketplace on the platform beforehand — the game’s initial reveal trailer simply stated it would be coming to PC in some manner — no doubt some will feel disappointed (and have already expressed such) that there will only be one way to play the game outside of its solitary console iteration. Observation releases for both PS4 & PC on May 21.

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