No Man’s Sky PC Playerbase Now Roughly One Percent Compared to Launch

We recently passed one month since the highly-anticipated No Man’s Sky was launched on PC and it’s safe to say that those whom previously were interested in checking out Hello Games’ voyage into procedurally-generated, space exploration game have moved onto something else. Figures logged by Steam-based stat-follower, Steam Charts, show that the PC playerbase for the game has dwindled over time to roughly only one percent of its launch peak. At its lowest, it misses out altogether on hitting two thousand active players.

No Mans Sky PC Playerbase

No Man’s Sky has been notable as of late to not have had the best performance with many players both on PC and PS4 reporting unstable frame-rates, poor optimisation and a slew of crashes. Sony haven’t offered any details or figures as to the current base of users on their console playing No Man’s Sky, though expect the figure to be significantly higher.

The game’s decline in activity shares many similarities with Turtle Rock’s Evolve — itself suffering sharp declines in the months following its release in February of last year. The latter title has now become free-to-play and rebranded itself as having entered “Stage 2”. You can read up on what we thought of the PS4 version of No Man’s Sky in our review here.