No More Robots to Publish Kingdom Management Sim Yes, Your Grace

Video game franchises such as Kingdom and Reigns have proven that you can craft unique ways of managing a medieval kingdom, but it still won’t be an easy task to keep things under control in-game. And now Now No More Robots have teamed up with developers Brave at Night to help publish Yes, Your Grace, another new narrative-focused simulation involving tough choices having to be made in order to keep one’s kingdom afloat. Kickstarted way back in late 2014, the game looks to be still coming along fine, as the reveal trailer below shows, and it should be out next year.

In the game, you have to manage your royal duties through the seemingly simplest of actions: Just talking to your subjects. Be they under attack, starving, or just looking for a place to relax, you just have to talk them through their dilemmas. Of course, given that this is a world inspired by Slavic folklore where monsters and arcane magic also exist, these won’t always be ordinary dilemmas. And on top of that, you have to hire the right personnel, negotiate with other kingdoms, and still spend time with your family, among other things. Yes, Your Grace will arrive for the PC in 2020, but those attending EGX later this month can get their first taste of it.