No More Single Player DLC Planned For The Last of Us

The Last of Us: Left Behind may be the most exciting this to happen to DLC in a long time.  As a prequel to critical and commercial hit The Last of Us, players will get a brand new, lengthy campaign starring Ellie and her friend Riley set before the events of the main game.  So what’s next after Left Behind?  Just multiplayer DLC.

Responding to fans on the PS Blog, Social Media Manager Eric Monacelli confirmed that there will be no more single player DLC following Left Behind.  “There’s multiplayer DLC up next. We don’t have any more single player DLC planned.”

This really isn’t that surprising of an announcement.  Back before the game launched Sony and Naughty Dog revealed the Season Pass would include two multiplayer DLC packs and a single player expansion.  While a few games continue to get DLC after all the promised Season Pass DLC is released, the majority just stop.

We really shouldn’t be sad though.  Naughty Dog has put in a lot of time and effort creating this brand new experience for players to enjoy.  In addition to the new character of Riley players will get to enjoy a brand new setting, new music and even brand new gameplay mechanics.  Not too shabby for DLC.

The Last of Us: Left Behind is out February 14 exclusively on PS3.