No Straight Roads Shows Off Japanese VA Cast in TGS Trailer

For many, the Tokyo Game Show tends to be associated with a lot of the more prominent video game franchises such as Resident Evil, Guilty Gear, Final Fantasy, and more. But that certainly doesn’t mean there isn’t room for smaller titles as well. Case in point, No Straight Roads, the upcoming action/rhythm game from Metronomik. The indie game saw a new development appear at TGS in the form of a VA cast for the Japanese version, which can be seen in the new trailer below.

Our two leads Mayday and Zuke, an indie rock duo set to bring down the evil NSR corporation from taking over Vinyl City with EDM music, will be respectively voiced by Psycho-Pass and My Hero Academia star Ayanae Sakura, and Persona 5’s Joker himself, Jun Fukuyama. While not seen in the video, Joey Bizinger, known on YouTube as The Anime Man, will also have a supporting role. And as a final bonus, Sengoku Basara and Street Fighter V composer Masahiro “Godspeed” Aoki will also be crafting some music for the game as well. And for those of you just here for gameplay, the clip delivers that as well, including peeks at the game’s various colorful bosses. No Straight Roads is due out in Early 2020 for the Epic Games Store and PS4, the latter to receive a physical edition.