Nobody Saves The World Arrives on PlayStation, Switch Today

Well, PlayStation and Switch-based players can finally give Nobody Saves the World a proper try. The character-swapping dungeon-crawler officially launched for both platforms today, and it gained even more functionality on other platforms too. Also, starting today all fans can enjoy local co-op in Nobody Saves the World, and it doesn’t matter what device one is playing on.

Also, the new PlayStation and Switch versions are releasing with some nice multiplayer features. For Switch, friends can play together using only one Joy-Con with the system in Tabletop Mode. For PlayStation, users can play together regardless of whether they’re playing on PS4 or PS5; both versions are fully compatible with each other when it comes to online co-op.

Nobody Saves the World has been out on Xbox and PC for awhile now, so we’ve already got a review ready for perusal. Be sure to check it out and see what makes this game worth all the buzz it’s been getting.