Nobody Saves The World Comes to PlayStation, Switch on April 14

While Xbox and PC-based gamers have been enjoying Drinkbox Studios’ new dungeon-crawler, those based on other platforms have been able to do nothing but watch from the sidelines. That’ll be changing on April 14 though, as Nobody Saves the World will be coming to the Switch and PlayStation platforms.

There’s quite a bit going on in Nobody Saves The World, but it’s basically what it sounds like. Players can transform from a quite literally featureless nobody into any number of people and creatures as they fight their way trials and dungeons to save the world. Be sure to check out our review for a full breakdown of what’s going on with it.

Fans grabbing it on PlayStation will get the game for both PS4 and PS5, and they’ll even be able to do online co-op between the two versions. Switch-based players can do local co-op via the system’s tabletop mode, and localĀ  co-op is also coming to the PC and Xbox versions.