Noir Thriller Interrogation Gets a PC Release Date, Switch Version Confirmed

Publisher Mixtvision today announced a release date for the upcoming Interrogation: You will be deceived.

Critique Gaming’s psychological noir thriller will arrive first on PC, macOS and Linux on December 5.

According to Mixtvision, a Nintendo Switch version is in the works and is slated to launch on the console in spring 2020.

The title, which was first announced in 2016, puts players in the role of leading a special task force with the mission of stopping the terrorist organization Liberation Front.

Players are up against the clock and must interrogate their subjects to uncover information about the Liberation Front, all the while focusing on their language and expressions to allow them to manipulate them for an answer.

And players aren’t alone in the mission and must manage their special task force by assigning them to different tasks based on their strengths.

Players are also under the ever-watchful eye of the public, politicians and reporters, who can impact the course of the story depending on players’ police methods and mistakes made in the investigation.

Critique Gaming has said that the story has a branching system and allows players to unlock multiple endings.

But players’ playstyles can affect their mental stability and reputation in the story, especially if they use certain methods for fast results in a case.

According to the publisher, the development team wanted to add an authentic feel to the title’s black-and-white sketch-drawn art style and they did so by rotoscoping “thousands of photos of more than forty actors.”

David Moscovici, the creative director at Critique Gaming, said: “We think that we can make a good game that can make a difference in the world.

“We feel that games have now reached a point at which they can enact change, if only in gradual increments.”

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