Nongunz to Live Again with Doppleganger Edition

A couple of years ago saw the release of a stylish little oddity of roguelike run & gun action in the form Nongunz.  Nongunz was about… something.  It’s hard to tell seeing as everything was a mystery, from the opening scene in a standard bedroom to the black and white graveyard crypts where the action took place.  A little skeleton with a big gun ran through the rooms and hallways, shooting roaming monsters and shambling, hopping body parts in search of color to imbue into the giant mural in the graveyard outside.  The score kept rising automatically but killing enemies quickly earned a bonus multiplier and the occasional window in the crypt sometimes let you go back outside to bank the score before death dropped it back to zero.  Nongunz came out, got a little attention and then disappeared into the ether thanks to issues with the publisher.  At the moment you can’t even buy it anymore but that’s all about to change.

It took some work and behind-the-scenes legal wrangling but developer Brainwash Gang was able to recover the rights to Nongunz, and now Digerati has stepped up to help with the relaunch.  Nongunz: Doppleganger Edition is not only coming to PC, which is the only home of the original version, but also PS4, Xbox One and Switch.  The new version has been completely rebuilt in Unity, with small gameplay tweaks and a pair of original modes in the form of multiplayer and a combat arena.  There’s a nice new trailer to go with the announcement, featuring some stylish animation backed by a moody, catchy guitar.  Give it a look below and get ready for an accessible action-fest whose plot just might must make some kind of sense if you can only survive long enough to figure it out.