Not For Broadcast Leaves Early Access, Sets Guinness World Record

Back in early 2020, tinyBuild and British developers NotGames released their dystopian news simulator Not For Broadcast in Early Access, where it quickly became a hit on Steam with an “Overwhelmingly Positive” reception, strong sales, and acclaim from several outlets, ourselves included. It turned out to be a rather unique game with a great sense of humor, as you try and edit live-action footage to decide how and what parts of the news should be presented for the National Nightly News in a warped version of Britain. They still had a ways to go back then, but clearly nothing could stall a project like this which required the filming of a lot of people in close proximity, especially before March of 2020. Right?

Yes, COVID hit the game’s development quite a bit. However, NotGames have pulled through, still releasing updates as time passed. And now, two years later and with over 300,000 copies already sold, Not For Broadcast’s full campaign is complete, and so as of January 25, the game has finally left Early Access. And with its campaign complete, NotGames even managed to earn a Guinness World Record in the process. Not For Broadcast now currently holds the record for having the most Full Motion Video Footage in a video game, clocking in at 42 hours, 57 minutes, and 52 seconds of footage for you to edit around with in various ways. For comparison, the previous record holder was 2017’s The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker, with 7 hours, 11 minutes, and 58 seconds of footage, so to say that the record was broken by a wide amount is an understatement.

The amount of footage in may seem a bit intimidating (especially since it means clearing up at least 50 GB of hard drive space for it), but as seen with the launch trailer below, that’s because you have different camera feeds and views to consider as an editor. It also shows that there should be a gripping tale with a lot of satire and a nice variety of gameplay as you try to man the controls and keep the show under control…or let chaos reign as you decide to let certain tidbits sneak through as the world grows crazier and crazier. Not For Broadcast is available on PC right now with its third and final story episode, so make sure to check it out.