Not Tonight 2 Set For February Release

Well, it certainly is shaping up to be a big week for indie games with political satire (and ones whose titles begin with “Not,” oddly enough). First we have Not For Broadcast seeing a full release earlier this week, and then there’s Not Tonight 2, PanicBarn’s sequel to their 2018 hit bouncer simulator, which has now announced a February release date. The sequel notably declares itself as “one of the most political video games ever made,” taking a swipe at bigger games that include political themes but try to distance themselves from declaring any of their stories as “political.” And as seen with its road trip across a twisted, broken America in the trailer below, it is indeed clearly not holding back.

A demo from the last Steam Festival showcased that only will there be twists to the bouncing gigs you take along the way, like serving the right poutine to guests in a Montana annexed by Canada or shooting down trespassers at a Mount Rushmore taken over by medieval LARPers, but you’ll also have to manage your health and money while on the road as well as opposed to a flat, making the correct choices in different areas in order to get to the documents needed to save your friend. If you didn’t get a chance to try out the demo, though, then there’s the game’s final closed beta that begins today, which you can sign up for here. And if you miss that, then don’t worry, because Not Tonight 2 arrives soon on February 11 for PC, courtesy of publishers No More Robots.