Nuclear Blaze Spreads to Consoles Next Year

Nuclear Blaze, the most recent game from Dead Cells creator Sébastien Benard, is set to start containing fires on consoles sometime next year. The exact release window has not been announced yet, but publisher Red Art Games has confirmed that the game will be available digitally on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. Physical copies are apparently in the works too, but it’s still unknown whether they’ll be available alongside the digital versions at release.

As for what exactly Nuclear Blaze is, it’s a 2D action game where the player must take on a massive fire as a lone firefighter. As they work to extinguish the flames with their hose and other tools, they’ll also need to work to rescue several hidden cats and uncover how exactly the blaze was started in the first place. The console versions will include all content seen in the current PC release, including the recently implemented “Hold My Beer” mode, which adds more hidden areas, new threats and new tactical considerations. See it all in action in the original reveal trailer below.