NVIDIA Announces GTX 1080 Ti Video Card

At GDC 2017, NVIDIA has announced its newest high end video card with the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. The GTX 1080, released last year, was the mother of gaming cards to own. Now, that card will receive a discount of $499. The GTX 1080 Ti, which CEO Jen-Hsun Huang presented at the conference, will have “35% more performance.” It packs 11 GB of GDDR5X memory, and offers a number of staggering statistics such as 3584 cores and 11 GBPS. It will be the first use of Micron’s “G5X” memory which allows the bandwidth to hit the 11 GBPS. This makes the card ready for any VR or 4K/5K HDR gaming. NVIDIA even claims that its faster than the Titan X professional card that launched late last year.

While many are still waiting on AMD’s Vega chipset video cards, NVIDIA will be launching the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti for $699. Pre-orders will begin on March 2 at 11AM EST. It will officially launch on March 10. The card also offers a new thermal solution to help keep everything cool as the GPU is manufactured on a FinFET process. NVIDIA is also giving away 108 of the GTX 1080 Ti’s on its Twitter page. All users need to do is download the GeForce Experience 3.0 and opt-in to communications from NVIDIA. With AMD’s new chipsets for processors and video cards coming, along with NVIDIA’s top gaming video cards, the world of PC gaming is taking a large step in 2017.