NVIDIA Increases Memory in RTX 3080 Cards

NVIDIA has announced that a new RTX 3080 card is available (technically) to purchase that increases the amount of RAM on the card. The original version launched with 10GB of RAM, which many thought would was questionable for future-proofing. Board partners including MSI are matching the amount of RAM from the 3080 Ti with 12 GB on the latest version of the cards. There will also be around a 3% performance increase over the original. This is the latest card update to go alongside of NVIDIA’s announcements at CES 2022 last week where it will be releasing a RTX 3050 and a RTX 3090 Ti, which are complete opposites of each other in terms of performance, but will both include DLSS and Ray Tracing capabilities. Pricing will vary based on the board partner that is releasing the card.

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