Nyko Power Shell Case for Nintendo Switch Now Available

Ever since Nintendo unleashed the Switch as its portable console, Nyko has been creating new products to make life a little nicer for the devoted Switch users. The newest item they are pleased to announce is the Power Shell Case, which has been called the Swiss Army Knife of Nintendo Switch Accessories. The Power Shell Case features a protective hardshell exterior which houses an internal 5000 mAh battery for charging the Switch via the stowaway Type-C charging cable which effectively doubles the console’s battery life, which can be monitored at a glance with the LED indicators. The Power Shell Case has a built-in fold out stand for tabletop gaming, and no gamer has to worry about limited gaming on the go since this case has storage slots to accommodate up to twelve games and four microSD cards. The Power Shell Case is currently available from Amazon.com and Nyko.com¬†for $39.99, and will be available from Toys”R”Us online and in store later this month.