NZXT Announces Updates for Latest Kraken AIO Coolers

NZXT is officially announcing their latest Kraken AIO coolers. The hardware options and cooling solutions with both the Kraken will remain the same. Both the Kraken and Kraken Elite AIO options are available in 240, 280 and 360mm radiator options. The changes are more in line with the displays on the pump of the devices. The cooling solutions and pricing will not go up (in fact, some are currently discounted), but users can expect some deeper customization options for the display on the devices as other manufacturers have jumped into the game of offering display options on their pumps.

The base Kraken’s will finally allow the ability to display animated GIFs. The embedded 1.54″ 240×240 square LCD screen will allow GIFs to render at 30 frames per second. This allows for further customization abilities for owners of the Kraken 240, Kraken 280 and Kraken 360. Users can choose either an uploaded GIF to replay on the screen or can choose from one of NZXT CAM GIPHY integration that showcases live statistics from the computer. This can include GPU and CPU usage, temperatures and more. It is certainly a handy tool to have to monitor a system especially if there is not a second display to be used for the system.

The Kraken Elites will offer a boost to 60 frames per second to further enhance the displays. Web Integrations will be available up to 40 frames per second. This allows full use out of the colorful 2.36″ 640×640 to display animations and information smoothly at a higher frame rate. While the Kraken Z was the top model, it will show the single and dual infographic, images, infographic and GIF background, Carousel and Web Integration. It will not offer the Clcokface or the Audio Visualizer. The Kraken Elite offers everything while the old firmware Kraken is missing the GIF and Audio Visualizer and the new release Krakens will just be missing the Audio Visualizer.

There are a few models marked down in price. The Kraken 240 is $10 off for $129.99 and the Kraken Elite 240 is down $20 to $219.99. These are the black versions of the AIO coolers. The black Kraken Elite 360 is down $20 to $259.99. The RGB options that are white with color customization options that are set within NZXT CAM range from $179.99 for the Kraken 240 RGB to $219.99 for the Kraken 360 RGB. The Kraken Elite versions of the Kraken RGB range from $259.99 for the Kraken Elite 240 RGB Elite to $299.99 for the Kraken Elite 360 RGB Elite.

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