Observer System Redux Kicks-Off Next-Gen Horror Today

Observer System Redux launches today for PC and Xbox Series X. Bloober Team, the game’s makers, are calling it the very first next-generation horror title, and the studio may just have decent cause to say it. Fans and newcomers alike can enjoy the cyberpunk horror title in 4K resolution and experience its tale through all of the newly-added animations, models, effects and upgraded textures. According to Bloober Team CEO, Piotr Babieno, the team has utilized the new technology available in the Xbox Series X to do  things like mostly eliminate loading screens an other obstacles to immersion.

For  those unfamiliar with Observer System Redux, it takes place during the year 2084 in the aftermath of both a crippling plague and a devastating war. Players take on the role of an “observer,” that is, a tool of the world’s corporate overlords. The job is to infiltrate a target’s mind and extract whatever information the company wants, all while experiencing the victim’s darkest dreams and most horrible nightmares.

Observer System Redux is available now on PC and Xbox Series X. It’ll also be available on PlayStation 5 once the system launches on November 12. For now, make sure to check out our review of the original Observer and see if this new version is worth diving into.