Obsidian’s Survival Game Grounded Receives New Story Trailer

Last year, Obsidian revealed the first game they would be releasing after joining up with Xbox, a survival game called Grounded. Basically, as mentioned by us back then, imagine a third-person action/survival game based on Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. Now, Obsidian is well-known for crafting clever characters, stories and dialogue, so it may seem odd to some that they’re dabbling with a genre that arguably minimizes those aspects. Well, a new story trailer dropped during today’s Inside Xbox broadcast alongside more info, and it looks like there’s definitely more to this game’s premise than meets the eye.

Somewhat like Subnautica, we have a survival game with a main goal to work towards to: Find a may to return to normal size after being shrunken down by a now-broken machine. This information is relayed to you by a robot sidekick that you communicate via wrist radio, who adds a little light-hearted touch. But while the now-jungle-esque backyard has its own world lurking within, it looks like it also has some big secrets, as seen in the end with an “Ominent” corporation that got around to using the shrinking technology first…

The rest of the trailer shows off more of the game’s action, including having to craft shelter, weapons, and armor, all needed in order to survive against hordes of now-killer insects, either solo or with friends. With this new trailer came an Xbox Game Preview release date, that of July 28. While the story won’t be finished during the Game Preview period, we’re intrigued to see where it goes when Grounded comes out for XB1 and PC.