Obtain Free Alolan Starter Pokémon Via Pokémon Bank

We just celebrated Pokémon Day last month but there’s still so much to enjoy from the beloved franchise! Starting today, players with Pokémon Bank can obtain all three Alolan starters for their games. Whether you are already subscribed or signing up for the first time, you’ll catch’em all.

Not only do you receive Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina but they will all have Hidden Abilities. Decidueye has Long Reach which lets it use any attack and not have to make contact with the opponent. It’s great when encountering something with Rough Skin or Static. Incineroar comes with Intimidate to lower an opponent’s attack stat. This will definitely help Incineroar flex its muscles. Primarina turns all its voice-based moves into Water-type attacks thanks to Liquid Voice. Having this particular ability means you have a wider selections of techniques to use against Rock, Fire and Ground-types.

This is a pretty nice giveaway and one that helps complete your Pokédex at the same time. Get your Alolan starters for Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The offer ends on October 31 of this year, so there is plenty of time!