Octahedron Getting Its Physical Switch Release from Super Rare Games

One of the better hardcore platformers of the last couple of years was the ultra-shiny techno-neon Octahedron.  It originally came out on PC in early 2018, then landed on the Switch in an enhanced edition almost a year later.  Octohedron was the kind of white-hot challenge that took a huge amount of swearing and maybe a little controller-tossing to beat, but tuned to a level of precision that meant every death was the player’s fault.  The music and lights of its presentation helped call you back to even the toughest challenge, and a little experience and practice turned impossible levels into a laser-dance through what had once been a glowing pixel-y meat grinder.  Octohedron seemed unkind but it encouraged and rewarded the player for getting better, and now it’s getting a physical release from Super Rare Games.

While the game is in a standard Switch case, it does come with a nice variety of extras.  The cover is reversible, featuring the “Peter Max meets op art” design on one side while the other has the same figure with a black background to help it pop out more.  It also comes with a twenty-page full color manual, a sticker, and a pack of three trading cards from the five-card set.  It’s a nice package (although would putting two more cards in to complete the set really have been so difficult?) for a great game, and worth it for the cover art alone if for no other reason.  Octahedron goes on sale on January 30, in a limited edition of 4,000 units.  It’s a bit early yet to head over to Super Rare’s site, but it will be along fairly shortly.