Oculus Running Free Asgard’s Wrath Promo For All New Quest 2 Users

As of this writing there’s only a week left before the giving spirit of Christmas is seasonally appropriate, but seeing as jumping the gun on holiday festivities is basically a tradition in itself Oculus has kicked off its gift-giving effective today.  This year’s holiday promotion is for the Quest 2, and it’s a free copy of one of 2019’s strongest PC VR titles Asgard’s Wrath.  It’s a nice gesture for those just getting their headsets now and will make a great impression for those finding one under the tree, but it does come with a few disclaimers.

First up, Asgard Wrath only activates when the Quest 2 is hooked up with a link cable to the PC, which makes sense seeing as it’s a PC game.  The bigger restriction is that the game is only free to those activating their Quest 2’s PC connection starting today, with the promotion running November 20 through January 30.  It’s a little disappointing if you’ve already got the new headset and have been using it (like me), but for the huge amount of people either upgrading or getting their first taste of VR this coming season Asgard’s Wrath will be a great showcase title to give their shiny new hardware an inaugural workout.

Asgard’s Wrath is available now for free for all new Quest 2 users, or even those who have yet to hook it up to a PC.  It’s always a good time to become a viking, or viking god for that matter.