Oculus Touch Available for Pre-Order At Last

It’s been a long wait for the Oculus Touch controllers but nothing takes forever, except for The Last Guardian.  Touch was announced last week and as promised the pre-orders are live as of today.  What this gets you is a pair of handheld controllers and a second sensor unit, a Rock Band VR adaptor, and the games The Unspoken and VR Sports Challenge.  It’s a nice little bundle of goodies for the $199.00 price, which is maybe a bit more than I expected to pay but not so far out of the ballpark to cause major sticker-shock.  The controllers start shipping in early December, with the estimated shipping date on a completed order between the 6th and 15th.

Making things a little easier for early adopters is the Priority Status, which is the process for letting people who ordered the headset from Oculus’ site keep their place in line from the original order for the Touch controllers.  Having ordered mine earlier today I can say it works automatically, with the pre-order recognizing my e-mail address and assigning Priority to it without any need for extra steps.  This only works if you use the same e-mail address that you initially ordered the Rift from, which the majority of people hopefully shouldn’t have too much issue with, but even if that e-mail no longer exists the plan is to have enough stock to supply everyone in December.  There’s still a bit of a wait left for Rift owners to reach into their virtual worlds, but the final pieces of the VR puzzle are only a few weeks away.