Oddball Survival Adventure The Eternal Cylinder Pushed Back to Next Year

Developer ACE Team’s weird, though intriguing, rendition of the adventure-survival formula, in the form of The Eternal Cylinder, has seen its release slide into 2021. Following on from the Chilean studio’s third outing in the Rock of Ages series, Rock of Ages III: Make & Break — which released earlier in the year — the developer’s focus now turns to an apocalyptic alien world. Players taking control of a small group of lifeforms at the bottom of their world’s food-chain, as they attempt to explore, solve puzzles and above all else keep ahead of a looming, constantly-moving, constantly-rotating threat, referred to only as the Cylinder.

Where there’s potential to grow, mutate and evolve your group of species, naturally it’s a case of risk and reward as you try to maintain a safe, reasonable distance from the Cylinder as it continues on crushing everything in its trajectory. What’s more, the developers have confirmed that a closed beta of the game will be coming at an unspecified date. Those interested in trying it out can register here. The Eternal Cylinder is planned to release on PS4, Xbox One & PC via the Epic Games Store.

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