Ode to a Moon Demo Warps Onto Steam

The nice thing about reality is how solid it is.  Chair?  Solid.  Computer desk?  Solid.  Floor?  Super-solid.  Nothing like good old reality to be there when necessary, undeniable and eternal.  Until one day it’s not, and everything is wrong.  A reporter heads out of town to cover the Ode to a Moon fall festival during a lunar eclipse, which is already a terrible plan, and things quickly go about as wrong as possible.  Reality breaks, the solid warps and bends, and nothing is what it’s supposed to be.  Ode to a Moon is a nighttime stroll through environmental terror, helped in no small part by a glitch VHS-tape aesthetic.  While the actual game is still in development there’s a demo available as of right now, and it’s a fractured walk through a series of settings that start off melancholic, change to harmlessly normal before going creepy, and ends all the way over at “human senses are not designed for this”.  The nightmare walk ends just as things seem like they’re about to go completely mad, or maybe it’s not as bad as it looks?  It’s hard to be optimistic when stone walls pulse with unexplained movement and the light refuses to come from a comprehensible source, but it can’t all be bad, right?

Ode to a Moon is coming out eventually but its demo is available now.  Head on over to Steam to give it a play, or wait a day to download it directly from itch.io when it goes up tomorrow.