Official amiibo Website says Palutena Arriving at End of July

Earlier this week it was revealed that the Dark Pit amiibo will be arriving only to Best Buy stores on July 31. At the time there was no word on when his Kid Icarus co-star, Palutena, will hit retail locations.

It has now been confirmed via the official amiibo website that the Palutena figure will also arrive on July 31. However, there has been no mention through any of Nintendo’s social media channels if she will be exclusive to any particular merchandiser. It makes complete sense to have both characters available on the same day and if you know how dedicated the collectors are, you can bet they’ll go all over there place just to find Palutena.

Many amiibo have been only obtainable at Gamestop, Toys R Us and Best Buy but with nothing set for Palutena it can be assumed she will be made available to all stores. This doesn’t necessarily mean that will happen but until we hear from Nintendo on the matter, it’s the most logical assumption.