Old-School RPG The Revenant Prince Asks You to Balance Time, Morale

Self-proclaimed “old-school” RPG is hoping to implement both time-manipulation and a sense of morale in this latest game from Indonesian developer Nomina Games. The Revenant Prince puts you in the shoes of main protagonist Troy, a prince whom after a near-death experience, discovers he has the ability to control time. As you might expect, what follows is a grand adventure of figuring out just what’s going on and supposed destiny mixed with, what the studio claim, is a series of tough choices along the way. As well as the ability to just mess around with ordinary folks’ everyday lives.

Looking at the battle system itself in the below trailer, The Revenant Prince looks to be borrowing from the GBA era of pixel art and design, through a combination of time-based combat (rather than traditional turn-based mechanics) where enemies may even interject from time to time with passing remarks. Of course, Nomina Games make sure to mention the holy trinity of beloved SNES JRPG’s as a source of influence, that is Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy VI. The Revenant Prince is planned for release sometime this summer on PC.