Omega Rugal Coming to KOF XV as Free DLC

KOV XV is out and delivering more team-based action for fighting fans. SNK has announced that Omega Rugal will be joining the fray. The legendary SNK Hard KOF ’95 boss returns with a vengeance. Known for just demolishing all who faced him, this all-time tough boss will come with a new mode called Boss Challenge where foes try to take him down to gainnew content like a costume, stage, and music. Those seeking a challenge will be in for a treat and those dreading more defeats will at least be able to be happy that he’s a free DLC update. He will launch on April 14 and is the first free update after the existing team pass featured Team GAROU on March 17. The main game is available on the PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One family, Xbox Series family, PC now and delivers a rock-solid fighting experience.

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