One Ringfit Adventure to Exercise Them All and By Nintendo Bind Them

Nintendo left a lot of people slightly confused last week with a teaser for a new Switch doohickey.  The video showed off people having rather too much fun with a flexible ring, and while it was obviously some type of exercise gear there was no hint of what was going on with the screen.  The wait for clarification is over as of this morning, though, thanks to a seven-minute video explaining in depth what Nintendo’s next journey into the videogame fitness market looks like.

Ringfit Adventure is a multi-tiered fitness package that uses a large flexible ring and a leg strap, both of which have a spot to insert a joycon.  There’s no using buttons or sticks this time around, but rather a full range of motion of legs and arms controls everything.  The ring looks to have a reasonable amount of resistance, so long play periods should make for a nice workout, and of course the leg movements give a nice aerobic workout.  The main quest is a series of challenges, from running and platforming to fighting monsters by various exercises.  Running is done by running in place, while squeezing the ring lets out a blast of air that, if aimed downward, provides a nice jump.  Color-coded enemies pop up for a rigorous battle, and choosing the right “fit skill” is the best way to defeat them.  Fit skills are divided into four categories- arms, core, legs, and yoga poses.  You can attack with any exercise you like but choosing from the proper category (yoga is green, so best used on green enemies) gives a nice attack bonus.

While the main quest is technically the heart of Ringfit Adventures, there are also quickplay options too.  Choose an exercise to focus on a specific set of muscles, play minigames for the fun of it, or take on a bit of multiplayer.  So long as you get moving Ringfit Adventures is doing its job.  The video below goes over all these details and more, although for the sake of your personal sanity I strongly advise hopping to at least 0:45 to avoid overdosing on the most forcefully chipper couple to ever bludgeon a camera to death with a smile.

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