Onion Games Taking Survey for Return of Chulip, Rule of Rose

One of the nicer things about gaming in recent years is seeing it take the first tentative steps towards preserving its past.  Not in a collector-y way, but rather in guaranteeing that more and more titles are available to play rather than stranded on low-print-run discs running for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  It’s weird to think that a title like Chulip, that released at $15.00 after getting delayed for, literally, years by its US publisher, then went on to haunt bargain bins nationwide for more years afterwards, somehow sells for $150 – $300 or more today, and a sealed Rule of Rose (which was released by Atlus so had a built-in audience, selling out relatively quickly) gets into four figures.  There’s no reasonable way to legally play these games nowadays, but that doesn’t have to remain true thanks to the Japanese rights holder, Onion Games, being interested in reviving them.  The company has released a survey to see what its fans want, and it covers a couple of interesting topics in the short twelve-question run.

Onion Games has been fairly busy the last couple years, releasing new games like Black Bird and Dandy Dungeon plus making a whole lot of PS1 fans happy with the rerelease of Moon.  Its next major project is an RPG, but there’s still room in the work schedule and that’s where the survey comes in.  Most of the questions are your basic location/age/social media-type inquiries, but aside from that two in particular stand out. The lesser one is asking after if people would be interested in helping fund unspecified Onion Games titles on Kickstarter, which could lead to some interesting projects.  The bigger one is “Please tell us what you’d like to see?”, and it includes a number of things ranging from the previously-mentioned Chulip/Rule of Rose re-releases plus another Japan-only title PS1 title, UFO: A Day in the Life, to questions about physical releases of Moon and Dandy Dungeon, a concert, soundtrack, and even an art book.  The only correct answer is obviously “All of the above”, but seeing as that’s not an option the next-best thing to do is just check off every single box on there instead.  Head on over to the Onion Games 2021 Survey and let them know that they’re supported in whatever project it is they’ve got the time to do.

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