Online Mode For Watch Dogs: Legion’s PC Version Delayed Indefinitely

We’ve made it no secret that Watch Dogs: Legion has been an incredibly buggy game, even listing off the sheer amount of bugs that we’ve encountered while reviewing the game. And unfortunately, it still seems like bugs are impacting the game in various ways. Case in point, the game’s online mode, which is set to launch this week on March 9. And while that will still be the case for the game’s console and Stadia versions, the team has revealed on Twitter that the PC version’s online mode will be delayed for an indefinite amount of time, with no later launch window announced yet.

In addition, as seen above, the Tactical Ops missions meant to accompany this update will also be delayed to March 23, and the PlayStation versions will have limited in-game text chat until then as well. And all of this is on top of the fact that the online mode was already delayed from November. So it’s still quite the rocky road for Watch Dogs: Legion, which already had a rocky start to begin with. We’ll see if the online mode can improve things later this month.