Online Pokémon X and Y Competition Starts in April

Similar to the previous online battle that took place back in February, the upcoming competition will last April 25th through the 28th. However, this next competition will strictly be a Singles competition. If you did not enter February’s tournament, there will be a lot of registering to do, so it’s best to get that all done now — and it all must be completed between April 17th and April 24th. It’s a first-come, first-serve basis, and only the first 50,000 entrants will be chosen.

Players can enter 3-6 Pokémon with their Battle Box. At the time of entering the competition the Battle Box will be locked. This means you cannot switch them for any in your PC, nor can you move around any items. Choose wisely, as there are restrictions on which Pokémon are eligible for battle. Anything found and bred within Kalos is able to compete. Even Xerneas and Yveltal can fight. Many of the same rules and information haven’t changed from the last competition. There’s a lengthy guideline if you need help with registration or rules.

Good luck!