Open Source N64 Cartridge ROM Dumper in the Works

Emulation often falls into a bit of a grey area legally. While the emulators themselves are fine, many people download ROMs off the internet. It’s much easier to do this rather than invest in expensive hardware to rip your own ROMs. That may soon change thanks to a project from Libretro.

They’ve been working on an open source cartridge dumper for N64 and just debuted it in a new blog post. The goal is for this to be a relatively cheap DIY project for gamers. Once the dock is connected via USB Type-C to PC (or other device) it will show the EEPROM, Flash, ROM and SRAM as separate files.

The goal is not only to make this an accessible device but also to integrate it with RetroArch. This way, gamers can extract their ROMs and load them straight into RetroArch.