Ori and the Blind Forest’s PC Patch Released

Developer Moon Studios has released today a brand-new patch for Ori and the Blind Forest on Steam.

Gennadiy Korol, co-founder of Moon Studios, made the announcement on a NeoGAF thread, and he also explained that the patch for the Xbox One version of Ori and the Blind Forest will “follow shortly.”

“We are really sorry about the long wait for the patch, guys,” Korol said. “We’ve been working really hard to bring you the new save backup features, as well as making sure that all of the fixes are rock solid.

“We genuinely believed that it would be out earlier but, unfortunately, there were unexpected delays in the process that were completely out of our hands.”

Aside from the new backup save option being added, the latest update for Ori and the Blind Forest fixes a plethora of bugs and improves the overall stability of the title.

Ori and the Blind Forest was released last month on Xbox One and PC. Microsoft also has plans for the title to be released on Xbox 360 this year, but an official release date is yet to be confirmed.

Ori and the Blind Forest received a four out of five rating in Hardcore Gamer’s review, as we found that it’s one of those examples of a title finding the right balance between “stunning visuals and excellent gameplay.”

Listed below are full details on Ori and the Blind Forest’s Steam patch:


  • A new save slot backup system, which allows accessing up to 5 previous save points per save slot.
  • To use the new backup system simply press up while highlighting a save slot.
  • The save slot backup feature will only work with new soul links and auto save points being made and is not retroactive.


  • Significantly reduced input lag when playing the game in full screen with VSync On.
  • Toggling between fullscreen and windowed mode (Alt+Enter shortcut) should now be instant.
  • Alt+Tab switching performance and behavior drastically improved and is much faster.
  • Better handling of multi-monitor setups — the game can now be played in full screen on any monitor.
  • Resolution switching is now handled much better and is significantly faster.
  • Improved input handling for RT/LT and some buttons for different custom controllers.
  • A lot of performance tweaking and optimization across the board.

Bug Fixes:

  • Retroactively fixed the bug where players couldn’t jump out of the water.
  • Fixed rare scenarios in which Ori would randomly fall through colliders of the ground.
  • Fixed instances in which people could save in bad locations or get into infinite death loops.
  • Fixed the game hangs caused by toggling fullscreen mode, usage of win key or Alt+Tab.
  • Fixed the “Elite” Achievement not awarding in some cases.
  • Retroactively fixed the issue of the last door in Mount Horu not opening.
  • Retroactively fixed the Light Vessel not appearing in Forlorn Ruins.
  • Fixed the issue of people being stuck under the stompable wedge in Sunken Glades.
  • Fixed instance in which players are able to sequence skip the Glide ability and get stuck.
  • Fixed pushing and pulling blocks not functioning properly in some rare cases.
  • Fixed the issue with players getting stuck under the lasers in Moon Grotto.
  • Fixed instance in which the sequence after Kuro’s Nest wouldn’t play properly.
  • Fixed the issue in which players get pushed through the ground by a stomper in Moon Grotto.
  • Fixed the sequence break that might occur due to watching Kuro’s Attack cutscene before starting a new game.
  • No longer possible to lock the game by opening the Skill Tree while Bashing.
  • Fixed the save slots set to ‘completed’ when playing the last cutscene from the menu.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to jump when getting Charge Jump without Climb.
  • Fixed text rendering when playing in DX9 mode.