Otome Visual Novel ‘Mystic Destinies’ is Already Half-Funded on Kickstarter

Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons just barely launched on Kickstarter and has already received half its funding goal. Sure, $2,000 isn’t a tremendous sum of money, but the rapid funding shows the hunger within the otome community for more games.

Mystic Destinies tells the story of a young woman who has just started attending a prestigious university. Things take a turn for the strange when her mother reveals that she’s not actually a human, but a supernatural being known as a homunculus. As our protagonist navigates her suddenly magical college life, she’ll have the chance to develop strong bonds with her male classmates.

Players can romance one of five characters in Mystic Destinies. The prologue and first chapter will be free, while each path is a separate purchase for mobile devices. Don’t fret, PC fans — the developers are also considering a Steam release.