Otome Visual Novel ‘Norn9: Var Commons’ Announced for Vita

Just a few years ago, Aksys Games weas the first company to both localize an otome game and find success with it. The Hakuoki series has since continued to proliferate among consoles and has opened the door for more female-focused romance titles.

Today, Aksys revealed the upcoming release of otome visual novel Norn9: Var Commons on Vita. Norn9 features a fantastical sci-fi storyline and, well, lots of pretty men. Playing through multiple times is required in order to unlock a true ending, thus adding a significant amount of replay value.

Norn9: Var Commons is coming to Vita both via retail and digital download this fall. There are currently no plans for a limited edition version. PSTV support isn’t guaranteed just yet, but Aksys Games is looking into it.