Out for Delivery in Mika and the Witch’s Mountain Trailer

The world is a much more convenient place when freed from the constraints of ground transportation.  The sky stretches on forever and there’s not much up there, so traveling in a straight line at high speed is fairly easy overall.  A young witch can make herself pretty useful running a delivery service for reasonably-sized parcels, although she’d need to be careful of wind and weather during the trip.  Mika and the Witch’s Mountain is an aerial adventure game about helping people with the power of flight, where Mika explores her home island from the skies as she learns to be a better witch.  It’s a cute combat-free story of a young girl starting to grow up, but mostly it’s about flight.

Chibig announced publication of Mika and the Witch’s Mountain back in February, and comparing the old trailer with the new one below it’s easy to see the game is coming along nicely.  While there’s no firm release date yet it will be coming out some time in 2023, which is a fairly wide window but hopefully in the earlier part of the year.  For now Mika’s got an all-new trailer with lovely music complementing the fantastic sense of flight, so check it out below for some witchy delivery action.