Outer Wilds Release Date is Ready for Launch

Fans who’ve been looking forward to discovering the mysteries of a time-locked solar system or unlocking the intricacies of the perfectly-roasted marshmallow won’t have to wait much longer. Anna Purna Interactive and Mobius have announced that Outer Wilds will be launching on May 30.

Like the legion of procedurally generated games out there, the meat of Outer Wilds is found in exploration. Unlike most of those games however, players can expect to make interesting discoveries no matter where they go. This is because Outer Wilds is not procedurally-generated at all. Every planet and location has been handcrafted  in order make the game’s solar system into something worth delving into. This certainly sounds better than yet another infinitely large (and thin) universe to traverse, but it must be remembered that there are very few “sure things” when it comes to video games.

Outer Wilds launches on May 30 for Xbox One and PC via Epic Games Store.