Outer Wilds Touches Down on PS4 on October 15

After several months of Xbox One exclusivity, Outer Wilds is setting course for the PlayStation 4. When it launched, the first-person space simulator won over many hearts and minds thanks to its charming atmosphere and its tendency to reward player curiosity at every turn. It certainly was a game worth looking into on Xbox One and PC, and now PlayStation 4 players are getting their turn at last.

Outer Wilds places players in the space suit of an unnamed alien explorer setting-off to explore their solar system for the very first time. The timing of their excursion couldn’t be more terrible (or perhaps lucky) though, as their little corner of the universe is about to be destroyed over and over again. It’s up to this unsuspecting hero to identify the forces at play at break their system out its never-ending loop of destruction.

Outer Wilds is available now on PC and Xbox One, and it launches for PlayStation 4 on October 15.