Overkill’s The Walking Dead Available on Steam Today

Starbreeze, Skybound Entertainment and 505 Games have officially announced the global release of OVERKILL’S The Walking Dead for Windows PC. This four-player cooperative shooter is inspired directly from Robert Kirkman’s original graphic novels and not the television show on AMC. The game features ongoing seasons that are broken up into an episodic format. The Walking Dead is available for $59.99 and it includes all episodes from the game’s first two seasons of content. The Deluxe Edition contains the full game, both its first and second seasons of content, the Night Raid Collection cosmetic DLC, a digital art book and soundtrack for $79.99.

Players will band together on a variety of missions to find survivors, secure supplies and survive. Stealth is needed to evade enemies as walkers can be dismembered limb from limb with either brute force or firepower. Each of the game’s four characters has their own unique abilities as you level up with a skill tree and play squad roles. Each character also has their own backstory. The setting takes place in Washington D.C. The first season of ten episodes is available in full at launch as it features new areas of the city to explore. The second season will launch later this month. OVERKILL’S The Walking Dead will arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in February 2019. In collaboration with RED Productions, Starbreeze is also hosting¬†STREAMING DEAD LIVE!¬†in celebration of the launch at 5PM EST today on Twitch. Check out the gallery below along with the new trailer.