Overwatch Debuts Female Outlaw Ashe in A Trio of New Videos

Today at BlizzCon, Overwatch debuted its 29th hero in the game’s ever-expanding roster: Ashe, female outlaw, and leader of the Deadlock Gang. Elizabeth Caledonia “Calamity” Ashe, to be exact. As it turns out, she’s an old acquaintance of McCree’s. The Bonnie to his Clyde, actually, from what the story in her bio suggests. Ashe was born into a life of privilege, but after being bored with it, she used her business savvy to unite all of the gangs in the Southwest and become a legend among outlaws. All of this comes with a trio of new videos, starting with one below giving us Ashe’s origin.

Our next clip serves as a general overview of Ashe and her skills. Her main weapon of choice is The Viper, a semi-automatic rifle with sniping capabilities. Then there’s dynamite, which…well, is rather self-explanatory, but also induces fire damage. Ashe also has a second gun, a coach gun that blows enemies away Lucio-style, which can also propel players in a manner similar to rocket jumps. And finally, there’s Ashe’s Ultimate. In a new twist for Overwatch, this Ultimate summons an entirely new character. And that would be B.O.B. (no relation), Ashe’s hulking robot butler, who wields arm cannons and charges into enemies, and comes complete with a bowler hat and mustache. It took the internet roughly thirty-seven seconds to fall in love and demand him as a playable character. Perhaps he can have Ashe as his Ultimate?

Ashe’s introduction didn’t come with just that lone clip, though. No, we also received a new animated short, “Reunion,” focusing on McCree and her. Taking place during a heist that finally reveals what happened on the Route 66 stage, McCree dukes it out with Ashe and the Deadlock Gang, attempting to retrieve a valuable package. But in a twist, this package reveals a mysterious robot known as Echo, which McCree says Overwatch needs. A tease for our 30th hero or more detailed lore, perhaps? No word on exactly when Ashe will make her debut, but expect it soon. And here’s hoping for more amazing characters along the same lines as Overwatch keeps going.