Overwatch League All-Star Voting Open

The Overwatch League All-Star voting is officially open.

The All-Star event for the OWL is set to start after all the League action is done in August. Before that, however, the fans need to decide who they want to make an appearance there. 18 of the top players from each division will face off in a host of different custom games for fun. After that, the two teams will face off in “official” matches to see which division is the best.

Fans will get to pick the starting six players for each division. Voting ends on Sunday, June 17 and the starting rosters will be announced the next week. The additional 24 players will be selected by Overwatch league players, coaches, casters and league staffers. The complete rosters will be announced June 25.

The action is set to begin August 25 and ends on August 26. You can watch everything in the usual locations here for Twitch and here for MLG.

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