Overwatch: New Details Emerge on Symmetra’s Second Rework

Symmetra is not in a good place. She is rarely used, and when she is, it doesn’t often go well. But Blizzard is working on the character’s second restructure and Overwatch developer Geoff Goodman went to the company’s forums to share some details on what the new and improved Symmetra will look like.

The biggest change is coming to her Teleporter. Just like Mercy’s Ressurect, the Teleporter will move from being an ultimate to the E key. She’ll also be able to place the Teleporter’s exit up to 25 meters away from her now and the entrance will show up right in front her instead of back at spawn. Its health has been reduced to 300 and more than just players will be able to travel through it now. D.Va’s MEKA, Junkrat’s Rip Tire and Torbjorn’s turrets will be able to move through it as well. The hope is to make Symmetra more of a team player who can offer tactical advantages that she was unable to before.

In place of the Teleporter, the Photon Barrier will be promoted to her Ultimate, but with a few changes. Instead of pressing forward, the Photon Barrier will act more like Mei’s Ice Wall. It now has 5000 health and “effectively is infinite in size.” She can also change the orientation of the barrier just like Mei’s wall.

These alterations have yet to hit the Public Test Realm, but should soon. This also means that there may be changes made to the rework.

Hanzo, on the other hand, has had his kit reworked and is currently being tested in the PTR. Players have long complained about Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow, so it will be replaced with a quick fire arrow for those close encounters. He’s also getting a new maneuverability ability that let’s him jump forward, backward or to one side while in the air. It should be useful to get out of some sticky situations.

Be on the lookout for both of the characters’ new movesets coming to Overwatch soon. Season 10 of Overwatch’s competitive mode starts today. Blizzard World, as well as the new Support character, Brigitte, will be added to the competitive pool.