Overwatch Teams Up With Kellogg’s For Lúcio-Oh’s

Overwatch is known for having a huge cast of colorful characters, debuting a new batch just moments ago. An issue with a cast this big, though, is that a few heroes still get the shaft when it comes to lore and character development. World-famous DJ and freedom fighter Lúcio is one of those characters, lacking any animated shorts or comics so far. But now, at the very least, he can claim something no other Overwatch hero has: His own real-life breakfast cereal. Based off of one of the in-game sprays (tying in to Lúcio’s fame), Lúcio-Oh’s will now be hitting store shelves later this year, thanks to a partnership with Kellogg’s.

Complete with an advertisement that you can see below, Lúcio-Oh’s come in a “Sonic Vanilla” flavor. What does a Sonic Vanilla cereal taste like? Well, BlizzCon attendees will be the first to find out, as samples will be given away at the event. The rest of us will have to wait for December, when Lúcio-Oh’s hit store shelves, complete with loot box prizes. Consider them the perfect compliment to your FunkO’s.