Overwatch Teams Up With Lego For Bastion’s Brick Challenge

For roughly the past year, the legendary multiplayer FPS Overwatch has teamed up with Lego to produce sets and figures based on locales and characters from the game, perfectly suiting its colorful cast. But for those of you wondering if anything else would come out of this pairing, look no further. Bastion’s Brick Challenge is now active in Overwatch, where for a limited time, successful players and Twitch viewers can earn Lego-themed rewards, as seen in the trailer below.

From September 17 to September 30, those who win Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade matches will earn two Lego player icons and two Lego sprays, with a full nine wins earning you the Legendary Brick Bastion skin, seeing our favorite peaceful potential murderbot made up entirely of colorful Lego bricks. And for those who watch up to six cumulative hours of Overwatch matches on Twitch, you can earn drops containing three more Lego sprays and four more Lego icons. So if you’re a fan of Overwatch and Lego, or just need an excuse to play again, now would be the time to dive back in.

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