Overwatch World Cup Continues Next Week

After two straight weeks of Overwatch World Cup action you may have been wondering what happened this weekend.

Whether it was unfortunate timing or Blizzard built the event with a week off in mind originally, this weekend there was no World Cup play but there was professional OW nonetheless. Finishing up yesterday was the APEX Season three tournament final between Lunatic-Hai and KongDoo Panthera. Why does this matter? Well, four of the six members that are on the South Korean Overwatch World Cup team are on Lunatic-Hai.

For the unaware Lunatic-Hai took home the trophy in an incredible 7 game match. Now, the majority of the players will be traveling to Katowice for the third leg of the Overwatch World Cup. For a better breakdown of what all will be happening you can check out the wiki here. Overwatch World Cup 2017 continues August 4-6. You can view it all here.