Overwatch’s Mercy Receives Cobalt Skin Nendoroid Figure

Overwatch is pretty huge among online gamers but had Blizzard not developed the title there would be nothing to play. And to celebrate such games we have BlizzCon! This year, a special Mercy Nendoroid was revealed and is now available for purchase.

This figure is modeled after the regular version already available but this one is her cobalt blue skin. Everything looks the same just with a fresh coat of paint. Her wings, staff and visor are all set. There is even an accessory to start healing teammates. So, if you want to add a little splash of color to the collection, add her to your display so you can have a healer close by.

Cobalt Mercy is only available via Blizzard and you can purchase one right now. Go to the official Blizzard web store to buy! Check out images below for a closer look.