Pacer Bringing Anti-Gravity Racing to Steam, PS4, Xbox One This September

Originally set for release as Formula Fusion, the rechristened Pacer is on-track for a release sooner rather than later. This Kickstarter-backed game aims to blend a bit of the classic F-Zero formula with a faster-paced Wipeout feel. Games like Redout have thrived in the modern era as have the FAST RMX games on Nintendo Platforms, but we haven’t seen anything but Redout tackle the space across multiple platforms. Pacer sets itself apart by having highly customizable racing crafts – which goes far beyond any other game in the genre, and allows you to race across 14 tracks with several variants.

There will be night, mirrored, and reverse versions of every track and you’ll have eight modes to choose from to enjoy – including endurance, elimination, and a battle royale-inspired Storm mode. The trailer showcases a promising-looking game and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the game as its nears its September 17 release date across the PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.