Pandemic Express Now Available on Early Access

When it comes to unique indie games, it goes without saying that tinyBuild is a key player in that area as both a publisher and a developer. After all, when everyone else releases a battle royale game, who else would decide to release a non-battle royale game? That would be Pandemic Express, which is now available in Early Access. What did initially start as a battle royale title is now an evolving co-op game about escaping zombie hordes. Hordes made up of fallen players that are still active, mind you.

The setup is that thirty players spawn in a closed train station, and have to find their way to the train in order to escape. However, from the start, one of the thirty players gets infected and turns into a zombie. Then that player has to hunt down and infect others, and the horde gradually grows. Basically, imagine Left 4 Dead, but with larger co-op and a death-related twist. You can check Pandemic Express in action below, then pick it up on Steam. Not only is there a thirty-four percent discount right now, but those who own previous tinyBuild game will get an extra ten perfect off. And if you purchase it by May 5, you get a second copy that you can gift to a friend. So needless to say, there are more than a few incentives to hop aboard this particular train.